Who we are

We are Beto and Shannon Villegas and Dr. Michael Puchowicz, MD - Sports Medicine. We are outdoor adventurists, who are passionate about building community and relationships along the way. We enjoy participating in grassroots, ultra-marathon, as well as nationally competitive cycling events.

Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyles through fitness, nutrition, and relationships. 


Beto Villegas

Beto maintains a degree in Psychology and is currently retired from a combined 26 years of public service. He committed most of his career to helping people achieve success in their personal endeavors, while focusing on fitness, nutrition and healthy relationships. He is also a former college and (international) professional baseball player spending many years training with strength and fitness coaches. Beto has also coached athletes from 13 to 60 years of age in basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, track and field, and cycling. Beto has been road racing and mountain-biking since 2002 and ultimately upgraded to a professional marathon racer in 2011. He also raced on the road competing in multi-day stage races and one-day events. Beto was trained by Dr. Michael Puchowicz to perform bike fits and has gained valuable knowledge on preventive sport injuries and rehab. He competes in cross-country, ultra-endurance mountain bike races, and bike-packs the 750+ miles of Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT). His race highlights include six podium finishes at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, three podium finishes at the Epic Rides Whiskey Off-Road 50 Proof, podium at the El Paso Puzzler, 7th at Marathon Nationals, four podium finishes in Mexico, and numerous first place finishes in the Arizona and New Mexico Endurance Series. Beto is married to a most amazing wife, Shannon Villegas.

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Shannon Villegas

Shannon is a passionate and accomplished mountain biker and bike-packer (and wannabe trail runner). She has competed in numerous endurance mountain bike events, with many podiums, including a 1st place at the Grand Junction Off-Road (known as one of the most technical 30+ mile courses). In 2016, she completed the Arizona Trail Race (300 mile), a self-supported, backcountry, bike-packing event. She’s always looking to spend time on the trail and inspire others to fall in love with them... especially the Arizona Trail. She enjoys pushing pixels as a freelance graphic designer and marketing guru. A SoCal convert, she feels incredibly blessed to live and work in Arizona with her amazing husband, and is always ready for a new adventure…living life ‘with the lid off’!

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Dr. Michael Puchowicz

Dr. Michael Puchowicz (aka Dr. P.) is a board certified Sports Medicine physician practicing in Arizona. He serves as a lead team physician for Arizona State University. At ASU he is the primary doctor for Track and Field - Cross - Country, Ice Hockey, Water Polo, and the two-time NCAA National Champion Triathlon team. Dr. P. is also an adjunct professor of Pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Arizona. His current research is focussed on modelling of sports performance and anti-doping. He has contributed to the open source performance management software Golden Cheetah introducing the W’ plot and an automated interval discovery algorithm. Dr. P. has completed his bike fit certification through the Serotta International Cycling Institute. He is currently an active member of the Two Wheel Jones bicycle team and competes in ultra endurance mountain-bike races. His race highlights include three podium finishes at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo (one solo and two duo). Most importantly, he is married to the wonderful Kelly Puchowicz and they have an amazing son Ryder. Their family is completed by two dogs, Pixie and Lemmy, and a horse named Max.

Follow Dr. P. on twitter: @DPVeloclinic